Current program version: 0.14.
Last page commit: $Date: 2008/04/19 18:59:56

Metallah is a Web-based man page viewer. It has a thought out user interface, visual options tuning, and the ability to properly display localized manual pages.

Project is dead. No new features will be added, sorry.

Table of Contents

1 Overview

Metallah doesn't do anything special except rendering manual pages.

Check what's new in 0.14 version.

Metallah features:

I don't want to buttonhole you with talks about the convenient interface. Just try it.

2 Screen Shots

Metallah in Manual mode Metallah in Apropos mode Metallah in File mode Metallah in Directory mode Metallah in Preferences mode

3 Requirements

  1. Web-server with CGI support.
  2. Browser with CSS (optionally) and tables support.
  3. file(1), nroff(1), gunzip(1), bunzip2(1) utilities.
  4. Tcl 8.4 (I don't know will it work with earlier versions; it may or may not work with later versions).
  5. Permissions for web-server to read system directories with manual pages.
  6. Permissions for web-server to execute man(1).
  7. Permission to write in the directory:

The last item is not obligatory but you will lose visual options tuning or the program log or both.

4 Obtaining

N.B. At that moment program documentation is available in russian only. Translators are welcome!

Download current release.

5 Author

Copyright (c) 2005 Alexander Gromnizki <>, Home Page.
All Rights Reserved. See LICENSE file inside program archive. Logo